Simple Wall Mounted Mailboxes Inspired by Modern Design

All mid-century modern wall-mounted mailboxes are handcrafted with clean Chicago industrial-style lines, paired with classic white and black, our unique wall mount mailbox is the final step in creating the perfect personalized and modern new life.


  • Reasonable Size of Opening

Easy to accept mail and magazines,but hand can not reach in.

  • Extra Space to Store Newspaper

New design by adding an extra space to store newspaper,increasing storage capacity.

  • Durable Metal Materials

Crafted with quality galvanized steel for strength and durability.

  • Waterproof Design

Waterproof design at the end of the flap,protect mails from heavy rain in outdoor.
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Cute Vintage Wall Mount Mailbox

My dog inspires the design; the antique bronze wall mounted mailbox, and the cute dog image combined to create this cute unique wall-mounted mailbox. But the initial version of the invention is not great. To make it more aligned with modern life, we have done a lot of optimization. The material of the wall mount mailbox is aluminum, and the coating is through industrial-grade powder-coated finish, which looks like a vintage copper or brass wall mounted mailbox. The dog image is manually colored to achieve a more vivid effect.

When the cute modern wall mount mailbox came out, everyone loved it. In addition to the dog image, we added more life images to decorate the antique wall mounted mailbox.

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The Born of Newlife Wall Mounted Mailbox

In 2021, Will was unemployed. When he walked out of the company he had worked at for three years, he found a rusted mailbox on the wall and decided to change his life and let shit work go. He spent a lot of time designing a new wall-mounted mailbox. He came up with many ideas until he came up with a design that he and his friends fell in love with – the modern wall mounted mailbox.

Modern Wall Mounted mailbox has a distinctively modern feel compared to other old mailboxes, like finding a modern high-rise in a run-down city. The wall-mounted mailbox’s simple design, with its straight and sharp lines and modern powder coating in white or black, gives the mailbox a strong appeal that you will love at first glance. A modern wall mounted mailbox provides an excellent letter solution for every perfectionist and modernist.

Each mailbox here is handcrafted, and all hardware is hidden so as not to detract from the finished design look of the modern mailbox. Customers praise the modern mailboxes for giving their homes a truly modern look and that they are “very secure,” “waterproof,” and “the more you look at them, the more you like them.